SINCE 1990

HONGKONG TRADERS having direct resources straight from the mines all around the continents
each gemstones and their mines haves unique shape and color.

HONGKONG TRADERS provides stones after the certification. Certified from major doctors in top gem labs.

Their unique vertically integrated business is spread from mines-to-retail, making their invincible presence across the pipeline of the gems & jewellery industry and translating in into a value chain offering considerable competitive advantages.



Our fine jewellery retail brand entice is the crown in the HKT. With standalone boutiques in HONGKONG SAR. The luxury brand was developed entirely in-house under the guidance of MR.MOHAMED IBRAHIM and launched in 2016.

Featuring the most precious gemstones. Crafted by the professional artis , makes the stones more luscious. Our exceptional range includes stones of every imaginable colour , shape and size. We process, cut and polish our own gemstones to ensure maximum quality and value.